Thank you for volunteering to be a victim beta tester for this experiment in social media! The Bats & Black Lace Society is currently split into two parts: the "social media" side, where you currently find yourself and the Forums/Events/Chatrooms side. The goal is that the two will be united, but that requires the blending of two different systems. It's my hope that this Grand Vision will be realized soon.

UPDATE: The two sides are now merged and functioning fairly well. No more dual logins! Colors are still kinda clashy, but that'll be worked out in time.

Please take a look around and put the system through its paces. If anything seems broken or amiss - or if you have suggestions to make things better, please don't hesitate to let me know! Clicking the "Beta" header menu button will bring you back here where you can use the feedback form below.

If you click "Home" in the header menu, you'll be taken to the Forum side of things. As things stand, you'll need to create a separate account there, but I encourage feedback about that side as well.
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