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* Fixed the colors. There shouldn’t be anymore issues with light yellow text with a white background on the mobile site.
* Added “Like” buttons.
* Added embedded video, pictures, and link previews to the post submission box.

This Weekend

The Nightgaunt

I’ll be out of town today, Friday, May 3rd.  I’m currently working on issues related to color-related readability issues in some areas of the site, so if you run afoul of this, rest assured that it’s being addressed.

It would be a HUGE help to get some feedback on what you’d all like to see as far as forums go.  Nothing there is set in stone and it’s basically just a placeholder.

Thanks, guys!  Have a lovely weekend.




If you click on a picture in a post like this one, you can see the image at GLORIOUS FULL SIZE.




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The Nightgaunt


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Test Post 1

This is a test post.

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